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The complete and utter state where you have the tendency to accidentaly drop everything you pick up, causing frustration and embarrasment if there are others in the vicinity
Guy with dropsies: *drops priceless porcelain vase* -FUCK!!!!
by b_fhinge July 22, 2006
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When in a state of inebriation, the inability to hold onto anything (including beer, your keys, your girlfriend, etc.) without dropping it.

That's the fourth time you've dropped your keys! You've got the dropsies!
by john suckling October 01, 2006
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A person who is prone to dropping, misplacing or breaking objects as they travel through a room.
Mark is a complete dropsy.

Mark really dropsied last night again.

Dropsy drop Mark dropsied.
by AfroFox March 06, 2012
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Used in Car Sales. A tip from a Customer usually Β£10 or Β£20 when you complete the hand over of a new car. Mainly still done by the older generation when they slip it into your hand and say thanks.
Wow just got a Dropsy from Mr Smith
by Mooseuk June 17, 2020
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