the combination of dro and dope. meaning excessive awesomeness.
that shirt is so drope.
by Emily Landherr December 05, 2007
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1. when your new single just dropped and you feel too nervous about it, thumbs sweating and typo striking

2. a slip of the thumbs but you're too swag to be bothered with the autocorrection
block b new single, droped now
by moonchita February 05, 2017
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Dry-Droping is a term used when you come to wipe your arse after having a huge dump only to find that your arse is clean and dry.
by Rossi and Rich June 03, 2010
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getting a dick in ur ass in the shower when u bend over
oh crap im droping the soap
(bends over and dick inserted into ass)
by droping the soap November 08, 2017
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