To lower one's pants down to one's ankles, often in a sudden, impulsive manner, thus exposing one's nether regions.
We all dropped trou and mooned the old lady.
by Stan B. February 4, 2003
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Lowering one's pantaloons, to taunt another.
It's time to drop trou and kiss ass.
by El Toro Grande August 4, 2004
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To lower ones trousers and take a MASSIVE DUMP!!!
Hanes we'll be back in few minutes...he had to go drop trou.
by Chux December 9, 2003
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When a sales representative drastically lowers terms of a sale in order to "get the business".
Customer says, "Okay, Joe, it's time to drop trou, bend over and grab your ankles, 'cause here comes the business!
by dherchen October 3, 2007
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to release your bowles
After the repeated insults from my boss,I made a desperate attempt to salvage my self esteem, I dropped trou on his desk.
by chrisdibilla October 11, 2003
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To drink excessively whilst baring both legs with your trousers round your ankles
We set a new drop trou record last night. we had our trousers down for 27 minutes whilst drinking
by Thomas James Martin Esquire October 29, 2008
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Having found a good fishing spot, we decided to drop trou
by Ho April 1, 2003
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