6 definitions by Chux

A large heavy pot used for slow cooking.
The dog's head was too large to fit in the sauce pan, but I had a Dutch oven stored at the back of the cupboard and it sufficied.
by Chux August 3, 2003
Tito had to split...After lunch is his normal time to wax the tractor.
by Chux December 9, 2003
When a guy cums on a girls stomach and it makes a little puddle in her bellybutton.
Poor Ralphy Boy just couldn't hold on any longer so he fujibled all over Jezzeble.
by Chux December 9, 2003
To lower ones trousers and take a MASSIVE DUMP!!!
Hanes we'll be back in few minutes...he had to go drop trou.
by Chux December 9, 2003
That Jeff is such a thermos!
by Chux December 9, 2003
A person, usually a guy, who is a complete moron.
Dr. Mendeljohn gave Petey the wrong prescription for his herpes. He is such a hammertoe.
by Chux December 9, 2003