A marsupial related to the koala but much more aggressive in nature. Drops from trees onto unsuspecting prey and rips them apart with their large teeth and claws. Several people who go camping in the Australian outback fall victim to this creature each year.

see also hoop snake
Did you hear that? It sounded like a drop bea...AAAAUUGGGHHAAAAAUUTH!!!! *rip rip tear tear*
by Alex Mackay May 01, 2004
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Also a (some believe mythical) beast which lives in the Australian bush.
Watch out for the dropbears mate! They'll fucken eatcha alive!
by A Mate November 10, 2003
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A variation of the traditional T-bag named after the feared Australian predator the dropbear (large carnivorous Koala). This maneuver involves a regular T-Bag done from elevation or suspension and not from a standing position or any that involves you being level with the target. Similar to the actual drop bear this attack must happen from above!

Common attack techniques often include hanging from a tree, fence or even a complex rope and pulley system (rope setup usually not preformed by anyone less than Level 7 in shenanigans).
Dude!! theres a pube in my eye?!?!?

Oh yeh, drop-bear got ya when you passed out
by Gymsox August 09, 2011
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Animals that live in the Australian bush. They drop down on the head of their prey from above. The gov't on Aussie doesn't admit that these creatures exist because that would mean a drop off in their torist business. There are no reported pictures of them
be careful when walking along in the bush mates!
by :-) March 21, 2005
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From the game EVNova, Drop bears are fabricated creatures used as an excuse to rip off gullible tourists in the territory of the Auroran Faction. Drop bears are fabricated to drop from high ceilings in spaceports and knock visitors unconscious; the visitors then come to in medical units with high medical bills. The true identity of a drop bear is a thug who is on intimate terms with the medical staff and knows how to scam people out of money by knocking them unconscious. to further the scam, these thugs sell cans of 'drop-bear repellent' to anyone gullible enough to buy it; if someone buys it, then they are deemed gullible enough to later knock unconscious and pin the blame on the fabricated 'drop bear'.

offering to sell someone drop-bear repellent is a crative and highly round-about way of calling them gullible
hey, you want to buy some drop-bear repellent?

why? what's a drop-bear?

by Cunjo November 12, 2004
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A really old Australian prank. Aussies will tell to gullible foreigners and tourist to beware of "drop bears" that lurk in the treetops and drop down onto its victims face and gouge their eyeball. They then tell them that you can deter attacks with stupid remedies suck as putting forks in your hair and smearing spreads behind your ear and making them look like idiots.
Australian: "You shouldn't camp there...theres drop bears"
Hot Swedish Blonde Tourists: "Drop Bears?"
Australian 2: "Yeah they're like a bigger and meaner koala bears that drop onto your face and..."
Hot Swedish Blonde Tourist: "Oh yeah sure....drop bears"
*Bundy Rum Polar bear drops from tree onto tents causing hot swedish blonde tourists to run to safety into the ausie camp*
*Australian guy gives thumbs up to Bundy*
by !!your name here !!!1 August 29, 2006
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A Fictional animal created by the country of Australia to scare tourists, this national joke has extended to the point of folklore amongst aussies and is similar to the Left Handed Spanner to mechanics/tradies.

According to the story: The drop bear is similar in appearance to the Koala however it is extremely fast (much unlike the Koala) and mysterious, razor sharp claws and the unusual tendancy to drop from high trees to attack people walking under the tree. The bear then goes about decapitating/maiming the victem then disappears into the night.

This story has been used many a time to convince neive tourists, who are already convinced everything in australia wants to kill them that even the crowded city isn't safe because every tree may potentially harbor a bear.

2. The only animal Steve Irwin could not catch on request.
Aussie: "I wouldn't camp there if i were you mate - drop bears you see."
Tourist: "Oh no, what are they??"
Aussie: "Nasty things drop bears, worse than the snakes, spiders, sharks and sea-life put together..."
Tourist: "I don't believe you"
Aussie: "You see this scar *points at nasty scar* - that was a drop bear"
Tourist is terrified - Aussie is laughing on the inside
by JimmmyDavid February 04, 2010
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