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A native to the australian outback, the drop bear is a mysterious, yet chillingly savage member of the marsupial family. If you are unlucky enough to pitch a tent under a tree inhabited by a drop bear, and rouse it from it's slumber, be prepared for pain country! It will drop from the tree, latching onto your face (a la the facehugger from the alien)and proceeds to rid you of any good looks you may (or may not) have once had.

Only known deterrant is a generous smearing of vegemite behind the ears. It saved me once and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
"Quick Bazza, grab the '303 mate! Wazza and Macca got drop bears on 'em and are runnin round like headless chooks!!"
by G-Train August 15, 2005
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relatives of the koala, indigenous to Australia...these are the scariest most insane creaters in the world. Largely unknown to those outside Australia!
The bloody drop bears mate...betta whatcheself-
by herbiewa May 04, 2004
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An Australian arboreal, (tree dwelling) marsupial that is related to a koala but is highly evolved. They are carnivores. They catch their prey by dropping from the trees and ripping their victim's heads off. Sometimes the sheer weight of the drop bear will knock it's prey out, and the bear will simply feast off the victim's head.

A common remedy remedy to repel dropbears is to smear Vegemite over your face. The distinct smell drives the bear away. The Australian government has tried to hide the existence of the drop bear for the sake of Australia's tourism. Although drop bears are quite rare they inhabit small towns and there has been a number of drop bear related deaths.

In appearance, they are similar to koala's but have large canine teeth. There are different sub-species, but primary they look like normal koalas. When on ground they are capable of running at 60kmp/h. There are no captive dropbears, as they are too difficult to catch. Beware of the Dropbear.
"Johnny got taken by a dropbear the other day..."
"Oh no! That's so sad! Did they find his body?"
"Nothing but a corpse torn apart. You could barley tell it was him..."
by Beware of the Dropbears June 24, 2009
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The most fearsome marsupial of Australia. They hide in trees and will prevent anyone from camping beneath the foliage, for they will drop down upon you and maim and/or eat you. See Also Hoop Snakes
I was going to travel to Australia but those Drop Bears sound dangerous.
by Ben Jizlizzlin April 01, 2008
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An Australian Animal. Extremely dangerous and barely known.
"Don't camp under that tree. There could be drop bears"
by Shaun. August 20, 2003
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Shy, gentle creatures, about which little is known. Natives of Australia, they are purported to "drop" down on the heads of unsuspecting passers-by. An unfortunate misconception, and one that has led to their poaching and near-extinction.

Possibly related to the chupacabra, an equally misunderstood creature of the southern United States.
by Lady Chevalier March 23, 2005
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Australian tree-dwelling marsupial, found mostly in bushland areas, but also known to live in inner-city parks.
The drop bear is characterised by it's unusual defense mechanism - when the male senses danger, the drop bear glides or 'drops' down from it's perch and uses it's powerful hind spur to barb the enemy's eyes.
A drop bear landed on our tent while we were camping.
by jungle-scrapbook June 08, 2005
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