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the person who said this thinks ur mad sexy and probably wants to shoot their shot. not to be confused with, "please break my back and have my kids you sexy ass bitch"

do not ignore the person who says hey lol.

i will personally track you down and turn your tonsils into spaghetti.
*guy posts a hot pic on ig most likely wearing rings*
girl: hey lol

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modern term that stands for "all cops are bastards"


it means the system is bastardized and unfair; see the blm protests and George floyd, breonna taylor, ahmaud arbory etc. etc.
bruh why are you against cops they literally work so hard to keep you safe.
I'm mad that the system is based off of white supremacy and is more unfair to minorities. ACAB!

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very swag and cool
drip, drippy, dripping
can be used to describe an outfit/accessory, person, song, etc.
"yooo that ice is drippy dawg"
"yall like the drip?"
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used to make something sound less serious or more of a joke even if it's not. similarly used: haha, lmao, lmfao
are you okay?
yeah lol

ur not mad right?
no lol

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someone who literally idolizes trump and probably has a fucking trump flag in their room that they nut to every day as they sing about their racist orange misogynistic leader who failed to denounce white supremacy.
katy: mom, theres a kid giving anal to our mailbox.
mom: don't worry sweetie, he's probably a trumpy.
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ass meatballs.
p1)big boobs
p2)mm spaghetti

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