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Drink, as in present tense of drunk. A logical strategy to avoid getting drunk.

If you are drunk, you had too much to drink in the past. If you are drink, you are currently drinking too much. Therefore, as long as you keep drinking, you will never get drunk. Instead, you will just remain drink.
"Look at that guy drinking all those beers. He is so drink right now. Later, he will be drunk. Right now, however, he is drink."
by legionofpaupers June 19, 2013
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A general term for anyone who uses props to dance, usually at a club but can also include fire dancers. glowsticks or leds are usually attached in a club environment. most common examples include poi, hula-hoop, staff, and contact juggling.
outside a club "did you see Jerry? he was just busting some awesome poi moves on the dance floor just now" friend responds "oh, I did not know Jerry was a prop dancer"
by legionofpaupers January 24, 2013
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