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A video game console released on September 9th, 1999, or "9/9/99." The system ushered in the 128-bit age, with impressive graphics and online capabilities out of the box via a 56k modem.

The system was a huge hit among hardcore gamers and Sega Fanatics. Yet, in 2001, Sega pulled the plug on the system, and consoles were no longer manufactured. Many reasons exist for why the system failed -- no support of certain "critical" publishers, prior failure of the Sega Saturn, the ease with which games could be pirated, and the hype of the looming PS2. During its two year lifespan, over 250 games were released in the U.S. market, and many were hugely successful.

Whatever the reason for its demise, the system lived a life too short, but will always be remembered fondly in the hearts of serious gamers for excellent titles such as Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, Power Stone, Shenmue, and Crazy Taxi, just to name a few. We miss you, Dreamcast.
Hey man, I just got a Dreamcast.

Oh yeah, that's that badass system from Sega!

But.. isn't PS2 coming out soon. Why did you buy one?

BE QUIET. Dreamcast has great potential for fun. Gaming is about variety and innovation, and Dreamcast has both.
by surrealfx June 14, 2006
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Alternate term for a fantasy cast. Just as a "dream team" is a list of ultimate players for a sport, a dream cast is one person's list of the best players for a book adaptation or movie.
In my dream cast for "The Black Echo" by Michael Connelly, Harry Bosch would be played by Kevin Spacey, and Eleanor Wish would be played by Emily Deschanel.
by glreidaz July 31, 2008
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A game console which was never very popular, no games ever seemed to be released and it is quite embarrassing if you actually ever owned one.
A"Hey you wanna come over and play dreamcast?"

B"Dream what?"

B"You're joking right?"
by Gohn Gardenza May 19, 2007
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