the gathering of horny extroverts and attention whores who hold at least a mild interest in a something resembling theater. interests usually include getting naked, showtunes and being loud in public places.
Derek Wiley was in drama club
by femmeboost3000 April 7, 2005
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a song by {melanie martinez}. the best song in {k-12} but also the most hated one. stream drama club.
jake; drama club is so bad!
me; we cannot be friends.
by melaniestan March 1, 2020
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n. an organization dealing with the writing and production of plays

characterized by:
-people wearing scarves indoors
-hats, esp. berets or top hats
-over enthusiasm
-unwarranted singing
-unwarranted dancing
-unwarranted friendliness/familiarity (imagine obtrusive, annoying puppy)
-the word "random"
-random humor
-sexual humor
-Hitler jokes
-excessive in jokes, often combinations of the above
-emphasis of everything: EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT
-musical prejudice, i.e. "rap is crap!"
-Regina Spektor fans (males/females)
-Led Zeppelin fans (males)
-political anarchists and experimental anarchists (aka teenagers attempting eccentricity, see below)
-homosexuals and experimental homosexuals (aka heteros attempting eccentricity, see below)
-vegetarians and experimental vegetarians (aka omnivores attempting eccentricity, see below)
-Buddhists and experimental Buddhists (aka lapsed Christians attempting originality, see below)
-losers suddenly having friends
-cocky losers
-High School Musical fans, naturally
-pretentious types who were totally moved by the Odyssey/Les Miserables/Scooby Doo, and therefore should totally get the part
-forced eccentricity, because it makes one so totally original, just like every other "eccentric" theater fag, so one has to be eccentric to fit in. (see irony)
-uninformed, ignorant political discussions
-uninformed, ignorant philosophical discussions
-everyday speech with high-brow vocabulary words interjected, i.e., "don't you LOVE- just like- wait- just, ELEEMOSYNARY, and then i was like, oh. and it was just so random, and yeah", because theater fags are such "intelligent*", eloquent speakers
-everyday speech with foreign words or phrases interjected, see above

*because, of course, we never say "smart", because that is too common and not eccentric and original enough for drama club. ergo, we say "intelligent", and use latin phrases such as "ergo".
**no one "likes" anything in drama club. like is an interjection. so like, we say "love", instead! like, "don't you just LOVE Regina Spektor?" "I uber LOVE HER because like, she is so original INTELLIGENT and totally isn't shit at singing, no way! rap is crap!" like isn't a strong enough word. so we have to say "Love", and add "uber" for even MORE emphasis, because "super" isn't like, foreign!
***we don't greet each other any other way!
hate is a strong word. i hate drama club.

i'd quit but i paid $100 to join, and they don't do refunds.
by harlem junkie October 13, 2007
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A person who loves drama. Tends to whine and cry alot.
Girl: Tommy didn't say hi to me! *cries*
Boy: Drama club, he's in a coma.
by Rebecks April 5, 2008
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a group of a bunch of musical weirdos that randomly break into song and dance and everyone goes along with it. Sometimes they can act, but other times, they can't act to save their lives
by AttackOnTitan1999 December 15, 2015
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A group invented in South Australia, who plays space jump
"you're so awesome!"

"What do you expect? I'm in drama club..."
by Samantha LEE lee March 5, 2009
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Fort Vancouver High School Drama Club is a club full of kids who are gay, straight, bi-sexual, and every other thing you can imagine. Only one problem. They are all white. So there might be the occasional kid from Guam who comes in, but 99% of them are in fact white.

If you are at Fort Vancouver and don't know who they are, look for the kids who are sitting in front of room 316, the drama room, in the morning. Some will have shirts that say "Shakespeare is my Homeboy". They also may be singing or speaking in English accents.

Twice a year, Fort Drama puts on a school play. Everyone in the play is forced by our drama teacher to wear their costume and stage makeup too all their classes on openining night. This a.) advertises the play and b.) proves drama kids have no shame.
"Hey, join Fort Vancouver Drama Club. We meet every thursday after school in room 316 at 2:15! We accept EVERYBODY so you should join!"
by theatergeek317 July 1, 2009
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