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Fort Vancouver High School Drama Club is a club full of kids who are gay, straight, bi-sexual, and every other thing you can imagine. Only one problem. They are all white. So there might be the occasional kid from Guam who comes in, but 99% of them are in fact white.

If you are at Fort Vancouver and don't know who they are, look for the kids who are sitting in front of room 316, the drama room, in the morning. Some will have shirts that say "Shakespeare is my Homeboy". They also may be singing or speaking in English accents.

Twice a year, Fort Drama puts on a school play. Everyone in the play is forced by our drama teacher to wear their costume and stage makeup too all their classes on openining night. This a.) advertises the play and b.) proves drama kids have no shame.
"Hey, join Fort Vancouver Drama Club. We meet every thursday after school in room 316 at 2:15! We accept EVERYBODY so you should join!"
by theatergeek317 June 30, 2009
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