A male vampire who prefers to dress in women's clothes.
Dragula looks like Ann Lamott with a beard! lOL.
by Smurf Breath November 24, 2006
A dragula is a car that is a herse, coffin, or any other thing associated with death that is modified to run as a muscle car.

Built buy Rob Zombie originally who was inspired by one of the cars featured in the episode Hot Rod Herman of the popular television series The Munsters that was a Hot Rod made from a coffin. (In addition, Rob Zombie also made a song by the same name about the car he had modified into a Dragula.)
Episode Description: Eddie, under the impression that his father is the greatest driver in the world, volunteers Herman in a drag-strip competition. After souping up the Munster Coach and dressing up like Marlon Brando in his Wild One days, Herman loses his car in a drag race. In a rematch, Grandpa races in the Dragula, a motorized coffin on wheels.
by Nettik Eriflleh January 9, 2005
I thought it sounded like jugulaaaa
Dig through the ditches
And Burn through the witches
I slam in the back of my
by lozl September 20, 2003
dig through the ditches and burn with the witches I slam in the back of DRAGULAAA!!!
by James Lowe July 12, 2004
A goth that sleeps all day and wakes up at night, similar to Dracula.
"What the hell is a Dragula?"
"I'd say that's probably a goth who sleeps all day, wakes up at night."
by FunkBoneless August 7, 2017
nocturnal pot smoker - destroyed by sunlight, stake through the heart, removal of the head or hard work.
Dragula sat through the night consuming the sacred sacrament...
by          January 20, 2009