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The type of bowel movement you get in return for drinking draft beer the night before.
I did so many keg stands last night, now I have a severe case of the drafties.
by Travis N. September 22, 2008
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Adj. (draf-tee)
Origin Language: Dank-Lit English
A word used to describe something that is cool, or appealing. A mix between dank and suh dude. To be used as a compliment to "my dudes"
(Joey and his dudes build a cool robot)
"Woah, that is drafty my dudes!"
by Sir Dank Doge Memeington December 12, 2016
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: the gaps in between yourself and the blankets while sleeping. The sensations one gets from having spaces unfilled surrounding their body whilst in bed.
I do not like drafties while I am in my sleeping bag. They make me absurdly cold.
by thesilentcowboy April 01, 2009
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