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a bunch of 13 year old girls who think it’s a sexuality when they really have a crush on a musty bleach blonde daddy’s boy. it’s a mock of the lgbtq+ community and none of you dumbasses realize it.
13 year old girl: “hey! i like draco! there for i am dracosexual!”
every smart person: “shut the fuck up.”
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by Eight Hargreeves January 21, 2021
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by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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A homophobic sexuality used to mock the lgtbq+ community and get a pass on a literal slur
12 yr old simp: uWu tf im dracosexual you
Lgtbq: uwu tf out homophobe
by PinkFridayz January 27, 2021
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A fake fucking sexuality that makes me wanna die. Your not draco sexual youre a basic fucking white girl with no life
I am draco sexual damn i hate typing that
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by Kaiden w k January 20, 2021
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an invalid sexuality used to mock the lgbt+ community, piss off nobody likes you and your pick-me tendencies
"Omg !!! I'm Dracosexual 🥺🥺 please support me in my coming out 💕"
by cecile. January 24, 2021
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A person who wants to use the f-slur without actually having the right to use it. They use this fake sexuality to trick people. Being attracted to a character doesn't mean you're a sexuality revolving around that character.
Person 1: What is your sexuality?
Person 2: Dracosexual!
Person 1: Ew! You disgusting pig, that's not a real sexuality! *punches*
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by 0desu January 25, 2021
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