A person who wants to use the f-slur without actually having the right to use it. They use this fake sexuality to trick people. Being attracted to a character doesn't mean you're a sexuality revolving around that character.
Person 1: What is your sexuality?
Person 2: Dracosexual!
Person 1: Ew! You disgusting pig, that's not a real sexuality! *punches*
by 0desu January 25, 2021
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A homophobic sexuality used to mock the lgtbq+ community and get a pass on a literal slur
12 yr old simp: uWu tf im dracosexual you
Lgtbq: uwu tf out homophobe
by PinkFridayz January 27, 2021
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a word extremely homophobic. it invalidates the LGBTQ community.
"did you hear?? theyre dracosexual"
"oh my fucking god thats so fucking stupid."
by pupiiteef January 18, 2021
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If someones Dracosexual, it means they are simping for Draco Malfoy (from Harry Potter).

This word is extremely offensive to the LGBTQ+ community and making fun of different sexualities.
Oh my god! I’m SOOOO simping for Draco. You know what? I think I’m Dracosexual, Haha!
by EmmieTheWeeb January 31, 2021
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an invalid sexuality used to mock the lgbt+ community, piss off nobody likes you and your pick-me tendencies
"Omg !!! I'm Dracosexual 🥺🥺 please support me in my coming out 💕"
by asshat91 January 25, 2021
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Some bitch who never felt grass in ages.
Them: Hey, I’m coming out of the closet..
Me: Oh! I’ll accept you never matter what-
Them: I’m Dracosexual!
Me: I take that back :)
by lcnelyskies February 16, 2021
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A completely stupid term used to invalidate the lgbtq+ community and to make these 14 y.o. White girls think their entitled to go around saying a literal fucking slur
Teenage white girls: omg I’m soo in love with draco, I’m such a dracosexual

Any human with more than 3 braincells: that’s not a real sexuality it’s just disgusting and homophobic
by That goat kid February 9, 2021
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