1) Damage per second. Often used to qualify how much damage weapons do in MMORPG's rather than by cryptic damage range and speed ratings
Man, I have the Glowing Green Axe of cutting and it does 56.3 DPS!
by Jeb December 28, 2005
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Damage Pure & Simple

Often used in reference to "brute" character classes in MMORPG's whos play style is little more than hack & slash.
This warrior is awesome!! DPS all the way baby!!
by Spencer K October 23, 2006
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With the new era of Dual Processors taking over, new high end motherboards now have dps (dual processor support).
by 5l-l4VVl\l September 18, 2005
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Dick Packin' Sacks. It's just something girls got. You score them on a scale of 0-1 usually in multiples of .05. Anything can change a girls DPS score: appearence, actions, child bearing abilities, financial situation, just about anything. The closer to 1 the better, and in some special cases negative DPS can be obtained.
1. "Way to be a stupid bitch, your DPS just went down .2 points."

2. "Man I would give Karen a .7 DPS."
by Jeff Hardy July 10, 2006
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dead presidents-money
hes been hustlin all day he must have a pocket full of dps
by mark jordan May 8, 2005
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Dude, that is totally DPS

Man, she is dps
by GMAU November 4, 2003
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Dude, you are the first DPS Master in this city.
by GMAU buddy November 6, 2003
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