1) (in real life) To give off some form of positive energy through vibes, beauty, etc. Most often used to describe how the person is perceived visually, like a smile but not something like a compliment.

2) (in internet culture)

a) To be close to or to break the TOS of a social media site in a way that is eye catching to some. Especially used if the action that caused the user to glow is something the community they are a part in often get criticized for.

b) To be suspected of being a federal agent who is either trying to infiltrate or provoke online communities. Often posted when an account is found to have doctored photos, made up first and last names, and/or relatively extreme ideas. Possibly a reference to the quote, "The cia ******* glow in the dark."
1) Becky: "How do I look?"
Samantha: "Omg, you're glowing!"

a) User1: "All parents who vaccinate their children should have their children taken by Child Protective Services."

User2: "This man is glowing so hard."

b) User1: "If you're being interrogated by the police, I'd recommend to not invoke the right to remain silent because it looks more natural to the judge."

User2: "User1 is glowing so much, all of the images they've posted of themselves we're ripped from someone's abandoned blog from 2006 and nobody has been recorded in the US of having the same name they claim to have."
by real_account May 7, 2021
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To feel good or be happy internally and it is evident to other people.
*you are enjoying yourself on vacation*

*you post a picture*

Comment 1 beneath your picture: “Beautiful, you are glowing.”
by Slang Kween February 18, 2020
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A displaying that a person gets after having sex.

Usually the persons smiles alot, and is really happy.
Ater her one night stand with Greg, Tasha was glowing.
by Jermaine Young. July 20, 2008
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A well-received compliment to expecting mothers describing a meta-physical trait experienced only when pregnant; probably not real, but very much appreciated when cranky, tempestuous, constantly sore, hungry and generally uncomfortable soon-to-be mothers are in need of consolation.
"Oh look, she's glowing!" -Tria
"OMG" - Aia
"AH!" - Bia
"So cute!" - Cia
by Squintdrummer March 9, 2014
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When you attach a glow stick to your penis and stick it in to your partner.
I had a lot of fun glowing you last nigh;)
by xcrunner9345 September 7, 2011
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When you’re glowed, you are extremely high off of any type of drug; Usually however, it refers to a marijuana high
Bruh, I️ was chillen with the boys on Saturday, and we got absolutely glowed, I️ only had 5 hits!
by ABoyNamedLeroy October 30, 2018
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I could tell they just banged out, they were glowing.
by Sean Recce April 4, 2008
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