downingtown is basically a town thats more trashy than its neighbors, lionville, exton, chester springs, and glenmoore. people around it think its the ghetto but they havent seen anything and don't realize that this is what normal US towns look like. over half the white population there thinks that they are black. it is the home of the downingtown regal which everyone goes to since it is the only theatre for miles. not much else to say about downingtown except that it is NOT the ghetto of chester county.
(actual conversation between a teacher and a student)

"you guys are from downingtown. there is no reason why any of you should be saying this like 'gangsta', 'homie', 'ma dawgs', or any shit like that. you also don't know any "crips" or "bloods"

"Actually Mr. M*****, i really do know some bloods"

"well aren't you special?"
by gbhejoirhbao October 17, 2006
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The 'smart' school of the Downingtown Area School District. It is a magnet school, where the students are stolen from their parent schools. Students attending this school almost all go through the IB program. Because of this, students here believe themselves to be superior to those of their parent schools Downingtown West and Downingtown East. These students have little to no social life, and find it difficult to make it through a conversation without complaining about the classes they are taking, and how they are so much more difficult than what others do. Students here especially try to exclude others by giving weird names to the parts of their building such as calling the cafeteria the "Stuco" and library the "Knoco", and using acronyms unnecessarily.

The teachers here range from amazing to incapable of actually teaching. It is most well-known for an incident last year which led to the Dean being fired and proclaiming he was "as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny."
Person from West: Hey, how's it going?

Person from STEM: You literally can't even understand. You get off easy with your inferior AP Program. The IB is actually killing me. I have a Mock IA to write, Paper 2 Assessment to study for, My IB tests are in a month, and Java City in the StuCo was out of my favorite coffee.

Person from West: That sucks I guess, but you made the choice to go to stop.

Person from STEM: I don't even know why I chose STEM! My one teacher still teaches me AP, and another teacher doesn't even teach me at all! I'm dropping out of Downingtown STEM!!!!!!
by anonymousjunior May 7, 2018
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Downingtown is a fake ass ghetto. Everyone from downingtown acts like they duck bullets from gang wars on their way home from school when in reality they all live up in the fuckin hills of West Bradford anyways. This school steals all of the funding from Downingtown East (aka Lionville Highschool which is where all the coke heads from chester springs go). At all the sporting events, the gangsta-ass bastards from D-town west tell the Lionville kids to "Go back up the hill" as if to imply that because they are from Lionville they are much better off than those who reside in the horrible slums of the borough of Downingtown. The Lionville kids then tell these 50 cent fans to shut the hell up because they paid for the scoreboard at the field when the truth is that all the kids at both schools are too doped up on drugs to realize whats going on. This place blows.
East fans: West Sucks
West fans: Go back up the hill
East fans: We bought your scoreboard
West fans: *Unintelligible mumbling with slurred words due to the drastic state of intoxication from their spiked fruit punch from Wawa.
by D.O.B. May 27, 2005
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The school where everyone thinks they are the shit. The girls are plastic barbies who are orange in the middle of winter and are way too thin to support themselves for too long. The girls walk around like models when newsflash: they are far from it. If the East Girls aren't randomly hooking up/banging strangers, they are either taking slutty pics of themselves or doing drugs to keep up with the guys. The guys are all just ugly. Downingtown West, East's rival, has the hot guys while East has the 'hot' girls. The guys are either doing drugs or dealing drugs. The guys at East act like they are the Abercrombie underwear models and not only think they own the school, but they think every girl wants to be with them AND they think they own the world. About 98% of Downingtown East is either an alcoholic and/or a druggie. Most of that 98% of students are also sluts and/or whores. For those 2% of students who are attempting to stay normal, congrats to you and good luck surviving in hell...i mean Downingtown East.
Downingtown East's mascot is the cougar. A Cougar is also now known as an older woman, usually around the age of 50?, who sleeps with boys, usually around the age of 19-30?.
I believe teachers from previous years have taught us that this is called foreshadowing.
by Vigilant December 27, 2008
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The act of body slamming during live shows. It's not moshing as it is basically a glorified shoving match. Only 10 or 15 kids will partake while others have a fear of being demolished. So named because of the type of 'moshing' during broken ritual shows, a band originating from Downingtown.
Dude 1: 'Hey man, wanna mosh?'

Dude 2: 'I prefer Downingtown Slamming'
by downingtownslammer June 20, 2009
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the "richer" of two schools in the downingtown area school district. stereotypically the polo-wearing mercedes/bmw driving stuck up snobs of the downingtown area, some of these kids actually act this way, they hate their rival school Downingtown West, the original Downingtown school.

also, Downingtown East students fight over sports, when in actuallity the "shared" football statium sits upon West's Campus.
East kid: hey i go to downingtown east you little poor piece of trash
West Kid: So what?
East Kid: we are so much better than you in all sports
West Kid: who has the statium?
East kid: we...we both do
West kid: yeah right, i can walk to it can you?
by xVitox January 8, 2007
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