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downingtown is basically a town thats more trashy than its neighbors, lionville, exton, chester springs, and glenmoore. people around it think its the ghetto but they havent seen anything and don't realize that this is what normal US towns look like. over half the white population there thinks that they are black. it is the home of the downingtown regal which everyone goes to since it is the only theatre for miles. not much else to say about downingtown except that it is NOT the ghetto of chester county.
(actual conversation between a teacher and a student)

"you guys are from downingtown. there is no reason why any of you should be saying this like 'gangsta', 'homie', 'ma dawgs', or any shit like that. you also don't know any "crips" or "bloods"

"Actually Mr. M*****, i really do know some bloods"

"well aren't you special?"
by gbhejoirhbao October 17, 2006
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