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Of or like a douchebag. Exhibiting qualities that are douchebag-like, such is to say void of any sense of "cool", highly unpleasant, usually male, often showing a excess of confidence, jerkyiness, prickishness and complete lack or awareness that they are personifying a douchebag.

- "Hey man, wanna go to that new bar?"

- "Naw bro, it's way too douchebaggy, with all the $2 jaegerbomb slamming types running around thumping their chests."

- "The scene is way too douchebaggy for my tastes. All they play is Nickeback and Creed all the damn time... and everyone's always screaming "jaegerbombs bro!"
by Jeff Howard June 05, 2007
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A term used in a not so kind situation when referring to the actions of a male. More commonly used negatively and to comfort a female friend.
Lindy: My boyfriend is being really weird lately and I don't know what's wrong.
Kate: That's stupid. Any reason?
Lindy: No, I didn't do anything.
Kate: Then tell him to stop being so douchebaggy!


Used in a sentence: That guy is really douchebaggy.
by One Of A Kind, Thats Who. October 17, 2011
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When someone is a Douchebag, But you're using it as an adjective.
''Hey look at that guy over there! He is HOT!!!"
"Been there, done that. I'd rather Bitch Slap him."
"He's a douchebaggy douchebag"
by MaddieE March 15, 2012
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When one is purposefully being a complete asshole but is usually not like that.
Mike: Hehe your wearing purple are you gay?
John: Why are you so douchebaggy right now? You're never like this?
by psudeoe August 04, 2012
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