When a female has two cocks in the same whole. As apposed to a 'two-up' where it's one cock in the twat and one up the poo-chute, double penetration is the friendliest form of a threesome.
If i can fit my fist in her clam, then she'll be up for a bit of double penetration
by Drew Christx November 20, 2004
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when a female has two dicks shoved up some hole of hers
Mike: Man, I wanna see her gettin some double penetration

Dan: Watch gay porn if you want that many cocks, dude
by collin z November 5, 2009
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When a man has sex with a woman who is pregnant with a girl and succeeds in gaining entry into both the woman's and her baby's vagina.
Mitch: "dude, tell me you got double penetration on your wife last night!"
Alex: "You know it man, consider my daughter's v card STOLEN!"
Mitch: "fo shoooooooooooooooo!"
by Not Mitch April 21, 2008
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Be fucked anally and up teh vagina at the same time
Josh fucked hot Stephanie up the ass while Erik fucked her up the vagina.
by YOUR NAME August 21, 2004
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One of the common types of sex in pornography is the double penetration: a scene in which a woman is penetrated anally & vaginally by 2 men at the same time. And in some of those scenes the woman also performs oral sex on a third man simultaneously, which means she has a penis in each oriface (airtight). Virtually all these scenes end with the men ejaculating onto the woman's face affording her the opportunity for A2M.

The female who perform a DP can be said to be a highly-evolved slut, aware that she's a sensuous, attractive being who inspires lust and is willing to give herself over over to 2 (or more) men who can use her as a tool for their own sexual gratification, while she opens up all of her body to their desires. All in her quest for a great orgasm.

Anti-porn lobbyists maintain that the men who watch DPs in pornography know that the vast majority of women outside porn don’t want it, and this knowledge is at the center of the sexual charge. It’s a social taboo: a sexual practice considered by many to be inappropriate or immoral: hence the sexual attraction of DPs.

However, in reality, double penetrations appeal to males because it is a woman totally opening herself up to male sexual desire without even the subtlest notion that this is some kind of deeper relationship. It is sex. Nasty, intense sex. Which is what truly great pornography is all about.
The guys get up & stand in front of Sara who gives them some nice slow head. She then lays down on a leather swing & takes it up the ass in mish. Sarah then gets up off the swing & waits for Robert Rosenberg to lay down. Just seeing this girl’s ass from the back & her overall figure got me. She rides him hard in cowgirl & then receives some hard double penetration.
by Dexter Day October 29, 2009
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Having one mans penis inside a girls anus while another man has his penis in her vagina causing the women to have the feeling that the penises are almost touching. This much intensity can cause the women to pass out. Especially if both men cum at the same time.
" at first it was a little awkward being naked with another guy, but I decided to double penetrate belle anyway because she promised me some good head"
by Bryan peppers August 4, 2014
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When a girl has two of her three holes filled. The three holes being the mouth, vagina & ass. To receive official double penetration (DP) honors the penetration must be delivered by one of the items on the below list:
*Minimum of three fingers or a fist.
*Dildo, vegetable or other object (penis sized or larger)
*Three dildos vegetables or other objects (smaller than penis sized)
*Flashlight regardless of size or shape.

The penetrations may occur in separate holes or the same hole but they must occur simultaneously.

Furthermore, the mouth can only be penetrated by a penis for official DP honors to be received and no amount of fingers, fists, dildos or even flashlights in the mouth can earn the official DP honors.
Ever since she was a small child she had dreamed of earning double penetration honors and after getting fucked in the ass while her pussy was getting fisted her dreams had come true.
by qwesdfgfgjgyj March 8, 2009
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