The act of having two peni rammed into ones asshole.
Mrs. Presland (from Lawrence High School) loves double anal penetration; especially with black men!
by Bobby Mcprescott February 5, 2004
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sliding a midget onto a sufficiently large penis so that it is able to travel through one whole and out of the other, push the midget down and make love to another midget with the remainder of the penis.
Things got out of hand last night and i ended up commiting an act of double midget penetration with Ivy and Dot, you know, the two old ladies from across the street, boy do i regret it now...
by Iva Penis February 27, 2007
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Two turgid cocks up one tight little poo tube
I am a good Christian I may be gay for pay but I would never stuff my cock into a massive great ass hole with my cock touching another surely that would create far too much truffle butter no matter what day of the week it is so I am dam sure Double anal penetration is slightly wrong
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Gay sex variation of a threesome, where two men fuck a third man up the ass at the same time.
Max, Tyler and John had there hottest threesome, when Max and Tyler suggested to fuck Jon by double penetration.
by Salzburg1978 October 27, 2017
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