n. Physics & Chem. Density. A non-existant or ghost-word originating from mistakes in Webster's New International Dictionary editions 1934-1939. Original entry should have been "D or d" in the abbrevations section, when something messed up.
by phox September 6, 2004
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Wood has a lower dord than water, so it floats
by dorque January 10, 2004
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the best word in the history of the English language. this word should be put back in the dictionary and should encompass not only density in the scientific sense but should also be used to describe a dumb person.
Why are you so dord?
by eboyd32 June 6, 2007
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the word for a word that doesnt exist. usefull in scrabble when one is cheating.this word was in the dictionary for years and didnt exist-whatever that means
a flibbidygrunt is not a word its a dord
by ernie theurer March 11, 2008
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A: Did you watch the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica? I can't believe that X happened.

B: Oh my God. You're such a dord.
by patrovsky May 22, 2009
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*Similar to dord*

door - ed

1.being rejected or hated
2. slang word for poop
"Dude, your getting bad luck, people dord you."
"Your such a dord."
"Dude, your getting bad luck, people dord you."
"Your such a dord."
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-tonnes of pimples
-loves animating horses on adobe flash
-the ultimate evolution of humans

-science fanatic
-thinks percy jackson creates lightning
-states the obvious
what a dord
by network meter March 6, 2011
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