Mass divided by the given volume




"Density is fun."

"Density is important when finding the mass"

by meowshi October 13, 2006
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Developed at the Naked Turtle while bartending.


A girl wearing jeans two sizes small, thus fitting the most amount of mass into the smallest possible volume.

Remember the formula for density:

Yo! That girl is pushin maximum desnity in those jeans.
by Glen February 10, 2005
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Or TD for short is a name to describe the amount of tards in a given area.

The TD scale ranges from from 0 to 100 where 0 is an empty building and 100 is so massive that only Chuck Norris could survive.

TD can be used either as an percentage or as arbitrary scale.
"God I traveled with the Metro today and the TD was massive like 80"

"I had a lovely vacation, the Tard Density was only around 5"
by uberEpicDonkey March 24, 2010
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the quality of a female boob that determines either firmness or jello-ness. very important in determining the quality of a boob.
Dude, that girl had mad boob density, they felt like turtle shells. I think I chipped a tooth.
by Chomp Whompster October 30, 2008
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Number of thick baddies per square meter in a given area.
Damn bro I heard your street has mad fatuation density. You pipe?
by GodsLeftTesticle May 31, 2019
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The ratio of dickheads to normal people in a given area.
Honey, I love to buy that house but I'm worried about raising a family in an area with such a high dickhead density.

When Stacey and Gary go to the club the dickhead density increases substantially.
by Antspants July 4, 2015
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The average number of people who live in a unit area, such as a square mile.
The Map Showed the population density of Africa
by lenyak0512 September 18, 2015
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