Something that is extraordinary. Often used in the context of troublesome, difficult or problematic, but can be used positively as well. (Root word: Doozy)
In the context of problems: These math questions, they're some doozies!

In the context of something extraordinary: Whoa! These large earth movers are quite some doozies!
by piggus_undergroundus August 26, 2009
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Something extraordinary or bizarre. Etymology: perhaps alteration of daisy, and Duesenberg, a luxury car of the late 1920s and 1930s. It's an English expression.
"That footballer's form is a doozy!",
"Man, that one was a real doozy!"
by RaDragon March 29, 2005
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something that is difficult or daunting
man that history exam was a doozy! i think i failed :(
by asdf October 09, 2003
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Something that is better than everything else. Also, a famous Runescape player who is one of the best in that game.
Man, I swear that weed was a doozy.
by shw0wstr January 22, 2011
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An absurdly incompetent or un-informed proposal.
The answers on a spelling test are likely to include a couple of real doozies.
by Fried Hog February 25, 2008
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Derived from the Duesenberg, the old-school vehicle worth about $1, 500, 000 USD today.
Bill just had a doozie, he pooped his pants.
by Mo December 13, 2004
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