expression used when rolling spliffs or "doobies". generally meaning "who's turn to roll next?"
"doobie on?" "pass my green."
by spew September 20, 2006

noun: doobie; plural noun: doobies
a cannabis cigarette.
Jeff: Don't be cruel and pass me the doobie!

Charles: Share is care bro!

Jeff: Sweet!
by CannabisKings April 3, 2019
synonymous with joint. Popular in the 60's and early 70's.
You got a doobie? I'm all out.
by Bungalow Bill November 27, 2001
Thats the biggest dooby I ever seen man, where did you get it?

Ur looking at it through a telescope bad
by Spyke March 20, 2003
A. Last night i was smokin the doobi with a friend of mine.

B. Why the fuck didn't u call me
by D January 31, 2004