noun: doobie; plural noun: doobies
a cannabis cigarette.
Jeff: Don't be cruel and pass me the doobie!

Charles: Share is care bro!

Jeff: Sweet!
by CannabisKings April 3, 2019
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a marajuanna joint, as in a splif or J
pass the doobie bud,
hey man you got a doobie?
by FutureHistory April 8, 2006
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A hairstyle worn by women (sometimes men) of color. When tge hair is wrapped and secure with hair pins.
Im going to the Dominicans to get a doobie, I have a show tonight.
by Newark New Jersey 94 November 18, 2019
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A Doobie would be an egg shaped liver spot on an elders nut sack.
That old man definitely got some doobies on him.
by Rob Dickhead February 8, 2011
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An object of great importance to an individual. Can be any prized possesion. Comes from the hebrew word for teddy bear.
Example 1. "I love my doobie! I have had it since I was eight."

Example 2. "My doobie would have to be my diamond braclet."
by DoobieLover September 4, 2009
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1.the butt end of a joint.
2.hebrew definition: teddy bear.
1. Dude... dont hog that doobie... puff puff pass! It is almost gone!
2. I love to cuddle my doobie when I am stoned before I fall asleep!
by David July 28, 2004
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The title for a person originating from Dubai.

A resident or former resident of Dubai.

Plural: Doobies, meaning multiple people from Dubai.

Similar to "American" referring to a person from the United States, or Canadian referring to a person from Canada.

Sometimes also misspelt Dubie.
Example 1:

Person 1 "I'm American, what are you?"
Person 2 "I'm a Doobie."
Person 1 "Your a joint?"
Person 2 "No, that is a common misconception, my place of origin is Dubai, no a plant."

Example 2:

Person 1 "Hey look at what that Doobie is trying to do!"
Person 2 "He probably can't read the English sign, so he doesn't know that you insert a card into the ATM, not your house keys."
Person 1 "(Laughs), Some Doobies are hilarious"
by 357 June 1, 2010
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