An idiot. A mild insult often used in the work places of southern England
"Sorry I'm a couple of minutes late late Boss, I over slept"
"You Donut. Don't do it again."
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
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Somebody who does something incredibly stupid. An idiot.
After killing all the opposing players the last player goes to defuse the bomb but slips off the wall and kills himself - giving the win to the other team.

"Nice moves you donut!"
by Wolverine X April 29, 2005
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In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, "donutting" is the action of punching someone in the stomach so hard, your arm goes through the other side. This makes a hole in the middle of their body, resembling a donut.
Avdol: Kakyoin died because DIO donutted kakyoin.
Joeseph: what the fuck does that mean
Jotaro: when you punch someone so hard their arm goes through the other side.
Joeseph: wtf
by QuiteOdy October 26, 2019
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A single person with two couples. Like a spare tire.
Pete, Brittany, Amy, Jamal, and Brianna are going to the club. Brianna is the donut.
by justpete February 24, 2017
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A thing with a hole that you can put your finger in. You can also eat. But it's mostly used for putting someone's finger in.
John: Hey look! There's a donut place over there!
Chris: No John. Not again.
by Hahahaha. NOW DIE October 30, 2019
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Short instrumental music songs, short meaning around 1 minute
Person 1: I liked J-Dilla's album "Donuts".
Person 2: Me too, my favorite donut has to be "The Diff'rence"
by lifeislikeadicegame February 08, 2011
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life is easily compared to a donut, There is to many sides to bite at a time and it is always going to leave you empty inside.
Donuts..... that is all i have to say...
by Darkends March 27, 2008
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