Cowboy slang adjective meant to emphasize a positive experience. Possibly related to eating baked beans at a campfire. (See movie Blazing Saddles)
That was a rootin tootin good time we had last night!
by Free Tarot October 29, 2013
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An offensive term used for someone who has so much acne on their face, they have no regular skin left.
Cindy gave her rootin' tootin' raspberry friend a bottle of Clearasil for Christmas.
by Morbidia May 30, 2005
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when you take out your partner's cock and you spray it with air freshener until it smells good
Hey, y'all ready for some rootin tootin chicken-shootin?
by Yeet yeet esketeet March 11, 2019
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The art of sexual intercourse while sky diving and tooting on her tits. All the while shooting your cum in her face.
I wanna rootin tootin shootin parachutin Kim so bad
by Fergus Forsyth! March 13, 2014
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rootin tootin cowboy shootin 2 is just a better version of Red Dead Redemption 2
Let's play some rootin tootin cowboy shootin 2
by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ December 28, 2018
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When a girl has diarrhea, and you ask her to fart in your mouth, but she squirts a little diarrhea in your mouth when she does it. It makes you sick, so you vomit, but you vomit in your own crotch. Then, she puts her vagina against your vomit covered crotch, and queefs. At the same time, she starts her period, so your crotch gets covered with menstrual blood too. The acid in your barf start rotting her cunt, and chunks of it fall off. Her 4 year old comes in and eats the chunks, and you chop both of their heads off with a tomahawk.
I want to give Shabombu Rimjob Honeycomb Heaton a rootin' tootin' jamaican chocolate raspberry after she's done taking it up the gary. If she's too tired, she can just give me a regular jamaican raspberry
by Dingleberry Rock November 30, 2004
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