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Idiotic phrase that's recently gained mainstream appeal meant to express displeasure about the direction of a conversation. Originally used by poor urban black women and ghetto queens.
by Not a moron like you December 14, 2004
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Associated Content's TOS rule where articles are warned not to employ wolf ticket taunts containing double homicide profanity, ethnic slur laced expose' and other things as Rational Wiki would coined "pissed at us" responses. These are akin to slash fanfiction writers or real person fiction of the slash variety. Ao3 got pissed at me over the 'peter puffer' response to those who write real person fiction.

One of the articles I had the wham line, "Every religion has its douchebag" as the publisher I took aim at got pissed and thrown every Italian slur at me one could think of in one single paragraph. "You motherfucking dego, greaseball wop with your wolf ticket wham line," as I even took one last poke at Fandom Wank as they linked my Associated Content profile at the time. Mindset commented on piss blogger The Rusty Nail demanding her name was removed. Associated Content closed my presence over the employment of multiple wham lines in articles as I took aim at LiveJournal user RockCandy76 over pirating my memoir as I outed him as a Wal-mart cashier. Though some of my part-time writers have worked in Wal-mart as I found a story on FictionPress called "Babies Come From Wal-Mart" with wham lines that rival The Fandom Writer.
Someone on Associated Content seeing "The Hive Mind" article --"shit he was trying to see how much he can cross the line with the double homicide wham lines in a single article. It's noted as being the first time he took aim at SomethingAwful for lifting his work and trying to turn his main character from Spectral Exile into a leatherman fag. He caught one of the blogtroll twins from Diary-X trying to do a shitty emo poem from his extremely hard true crime yarn. He's pissed. "

bugchaser gossip blogger and The Rusty Nail, "Let's screen cap this asshole wop's dribble and fuck him out of his royalties." Poppy Z. Brite when she saw him on Associated Content was pissed over his rapid barrage of wham line remarks. He crossed the line because he defied the "Don't Go There Rule."
by Illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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