Taking a load in your ass from an Irishman or redhead male.
This fire crotch just left my house after dumping his Shepherds Pie in my ass.
by Ryan87 July 17, 2017
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The now clearly visible vaginal opening of a freshly shorn sheep.
This also refers to a freshly trimmed woman of eastern European extraction who was particularly hairy before.
Wow, look at those freshly shorn sheep. I could really go for a little Shepherds Pie right now!
Katrina is so hot now after that trim. Her Shepherds Pie is making me hungry. I just want to dive right in there.
by My Dixie Wrecked May 13, 2005
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Put that meat and potatoes in your mouth. A type of blowjob where you put at least one ball in your mouth while sucking dick. Requires relaxed gag reflex.
Jason: "Hey Felicia, it's fanny freaky facial Friday. How about some of that Shepherd's Pie before I unload on your face?"

Felicia: "Did you shave your balls? Because I'm not trying to be choking on your ball pubes."
by DoodieYEP! January 26, 2013
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A traditional English dish made with hamburger meat (also could be substituted with lamb or turkey) corn, and mashed potatoes, layered, and covered with cheese.
Oh boy, I hope mom is fixing Shepherds pie tonight for dinner.
by DozzeR May 21, 2008
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The name given to the crap you take immediately after a large meal.
"Wow that was a great buffet. I have to go take a shepherd's pie now."

"Yeah Toby eats a lot but he always has to take shepherd's pies right after."
by Amazing in Progress February 11, 2009
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The act of performing oral sex on a female sheep.
Tim thinks there's nothing tastier than a shepherd's pie.
by WickedDavis September 5, 2007
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After penetrating a young lady's hymen, the alpha male then clubs her over the head, rendering her unconcious. He proceeds to wipe the blood from the ruptured hymen through the crease of her hind quarter, vomits into it, defacates on it, ejaculates upon it, fucks it, ejaculates again, then shares it with her when she regains conciousness.
I took her out and on the first date she ordered lobster, so I took her back to my place and gave her a shepherd's pie.
by Chicken McBloodybutthole October 14, 2005
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