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Since the other post was incorrect, I feel I should take it upon myself to correct it. "Dolla" is a Eboni-cized version of the word "Dollar", with an "a", not an "e".
by BlingBling September 2, 2003
Old school pop-rapper who's career basically ended when Biggie Smalls dissed him in a song.

Term for something that is "played out" or not in style anymore.
"Your style is played out like Kwame..."

-Notorious B.I.G.
by BlingBling September 8, 2003
A term most often overly used by ricers and so called "import tuners". Usually used to define how much a car's air intake is pressurized, measured in PSI or bar.
"Dude, I'm running 18 lbs of boost in my beater civic with a 100 shot of Nawssss."
by BlingBling September 2, 2003
to recive oral sex (generally fellatio) while taking a shit on the throne.
by BlingBling September 18, 2003
When a man pulls back his erect penis and lets it go to smack someone in the face, the same way one would pull back the branch of a tree and let it swing back into place.
I tree branched that bitch last night.
by BlingBling June 1, 2005