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Creator of the modern-day American classic Sonichu. Currently a thirty something year old virgin with rage who still needs a cute girl his age, and as a result has become a trans gendered lesbian in attempts to try and loose his virginity, and for no other reason than this (despite despising "homos").
Well known for his countless anti-social episodes and unusual mannerisms.
I saw Chris Chan in the mall pepper spraying a Gamestop employee. It was amazing how he was able to protest Sonic's arms.
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by McDaddy's Big Patties December 04, 2017
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The great nickname of the one and only Chris. Only given to the best of Chris's; smart yet not a big head, a weeb yet not a social outcast and a friend to all yet not two faced.
"Yeah, he's worthy of the 'Chrischan' title."
by Proxable November 02, 2018
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