Australian: Someone who receives unemployment benefits (the dole) from the government but are too lazy to look for work.
Harry had to do work for the dole because Centrelink thought he was a dole bludger.
by Andrew May 13, 2004
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1. An individual who prefers to collect unemployment benefits over working for a living, and actively works at trying to qualify to maintain their eligibility to continue receiving said benefits.
2. Individual who actively avoids works.
3. Most New Zealanders who migrate to Australia.
1. When was the last time bill had a job ? Never, he's just a dole bludger
by Giulio Campobassi April 05, 2006
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A person who has no real interest to work and is happy to live off the hard paying tax payer for survival without feeling guilty. The person has little or no self worth but is happy to go on living in their little routine.
Let us go to the movies next week when my dole payment gets paid.

I can finally get that dvd box set next week and also buy some long needed chocolates and chips for the DVD night.

I am a dole bludger and proud of it, I can sleep in monday mornings when all you guys get ready for work. Just dont wake me with your loud car engines.
by simon22 July 21, 2006
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When you are busy handing out Centrelink payments to people 'job seeking' you may as well play hide and seek with that payment.

Where to hide the dole cheque? Under the shit cunt's workboots.
"I've been playing dole bludger hide and seek with this fuckwit for a few months now, cunt has no clue"
by thriftybuggar December 04, 2011
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