4 definitions by Giulio Campobassi

1. An expression to summarise a bad personal experience.
1. Person 1: "I met this girl and she just used me for a free meal."
Person 2: Man that must blow chunks.
by Giulio Campobassi April 5, 2006
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The idea that someone can build or create something in their parents garage (or your own) and introduce a global change.
Apple computers oracles Steve Jobs and Paul Allen are a prime example of the "garage factor" and built the first PC in their garage and started a whole new era of computing.

eBay was built (not in the garage but in some dude's bedroom), and created the era of auction sites.
by Giulio Campobassi April 10, 2006
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1. Really useless public servants that have a job in state government and add no intrinsic value even when executing their duties of office/position, and are likely to contribute to costs due to their incompetence.

They would be less burden to the community if they were on federal unemployment benefits, but instead park their lazy butts in a position in state government way above their retarded abilities. Effectively this is what is called State sponsored welfare.

Particularly endemic within NSW Government, Australia. Think of most high ranking politicians and the ex-premier of NSW (Bob Carr). The cross-city tunnel project, de-salination plant debarkle, introduction of the pokie tax hikes, vendor tax, land tax, sydney bed tax, "code red" conditions in hospitals and numerous other rash ill-informed decisions that have cost NSW hundreds of millions of dollars for very little return.
1. Bob Carr, our premier, is on state sponsored welfare whilst he remains in office.
by Giulio Campobassi April 5, 2006
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1. An individual who prefers to collect unemployment benefits over working for a living, and actively works at trying to qualify to maintain their eligibility to continue receiving said benefits.
2. Individual who actively avoids works.
3. Most New Zealanders who migrate to Australia.
1. When was the last time bill had a job ? Never, he's just a dole bludger
by Giulio Campobassi April 5, 2006
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