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An expression of sympathetic frustration and surprise. Customarily used in situations where the person using the expression has found him/herself in the same or similar situation as the subject.
- "I got a flat tire yesterday, in the pouring rain".
- "Did you really? Doif".
by AppleZack December 04, 2006
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A male house-wife or a domestic male. Someone unemployed of the male variety who spends his time in the home cooking and cleaning for the family.
Being a doif, Jack was used to the daily tasks of cooking for his family and cleaning up after them after they've all went off to school and work.
by ShinyNickel September 01, 2012
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Is a word used to discribe a person who has said something or done an act that would be considered really stupid. It is sometimes shouted at a stupid person in moments of fustration. It originated in Cork, Ireland but is becoming popular worldwide and on the internet.
-What is the Capital of America again? Mexico?

-Dude you are such a doif!
by nejybear November 27, 2010
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