can be used for in place of any word that you could still comprehend context
"I keep spare dodge in my pocket"
"Irina's on dodge"
"Dodge helps Allie get quick"
"Erin tastes better when shes on dodge"
by Thumper May 30, 2004
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A american car maker known for making uterly terrible vehicles. Their names range from neon to ram but they all share the same shittiness.

Known for losing their transmission and many other parts right after their warranties expire.

They also were NOT the first car company to invent a turbo diesel, diesel, or turbo.

They were NOT the first company to make fast 4 cylinder cars.

and the viper is not the fastest car in the world, thats just stupid
if you look around, you will see that only poor mexicans, rednecks or whitetrash, guys with little man syndrom, and people who got tricked out of their money driving dodges.
its a fact a life that dodge is the worst choice when it comes to picking an american automaker.
I heard only rednecks and spicks drive those shitty dodges...
by gmc2500 December 06, 2009
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(1)manufacturer of the "Decrepit", a full-size sedan notorious for making more road noise than a go cart, cheap ass plastic that breaks during standard use, eats brake pads and linings like they were marshmallows.
(2) see "Check Engine".
If you want to get to know your car repairman on a first-name basis, buy a Dodge.
by Rick August 08, 2003
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a place you need to get the fuck out of. OR a shitty car/truck company, known for breaking down frequently
guy #1: whats that place we need to get the fuck out of?
guy#2: Dodge.
guy#1: right. thanks

OR Example 2

Dodge guy: hey! see my 06 Charger?? i got it three months ago!
non dodge guy: niice, i heard that they break down lots though.
Dodge guy: nah man this thing runs like a dream
(proceeds to drive off, getting halfway down the street when the oil pan falls off.)
non Dodge guy: some dream.
by Bushpig3 February 05, 2010
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