Greese is a word that is used to imply someone talking shit
Guy 1.  Halle berry was my first girlfriend
Guy 2. Stop chatting greese

Guy 2 say to Guy 3 "He's greesing it up"
by koeeeeeeeeeeeeeiako April 27, 2010
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1. A retard, or Jonathan.

2. A faget that run his hands through his hair.
3. Runny oilly stuff.
4. Found in the Vajina
5. He likes to smell pussys
Wow look at that greese MASTER running his hands in his hair.
by Tasty Sub Sandwhich May 4, 2010
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A group of food truck vendors located on the College Avenue campus of Rutgers University at New Brunswick, New Jersey. They are known for serving "Fat Sandwiches", a sub roll containing an ensemble of ingredients such as steak, cheese, chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, gyro meat, bacon, jalapeño peppers, and more.
greese trucks ar great for drunk munchies
by kmswbinj90 April 13, 2009
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the slime textured goobers or saliva that acculate in the rear of a sluts throat while in the act of cock gobbling or fallatio.
man that biatch had a bad case of throat greese when she sucked my ramrod lastg night
by dominant June 25, 2007
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greese deposits on the elbows of fat women. usually leaks and has the smell of french fries. tends to look very disgusting.
Sam: Damn dude, that fat bitch elbowed me and left her elbow greese on my face.

Greg: You smell like french fries.
by nx7oe3 January 5, 2009
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When a man or woman with a shaved head lubricates it up with vasaline or anal lube and shoves it into a girls beef drapes
Wow that baldy gave that bitch a GREESE BALL
by Patrick Hennessy February 24, 2005
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