An old, old wooden ship used in the civil war era.
Did you see the great battle between Diversity and the heterogeneous?
by Mr. Morrison April 26, 2007
A way to get people to focus on something else, such as when somebody wants to take people's attention away from similarities between their own country and a near-dictatorship and distract them with a story about a country overseas somewhere.
The girl told a story about Belarus, which despite her description of the country as being a near-dictatorship, was one of the few countries that wasn't on a lockdown at this time. It was a good diversion from events in her own country.
by Solid Mantis April 2, 2020
difference between cultures. Although I am a liberal i do agree it has been taken to an extreme. People don't understand that other people's cultures do not need to be forced upon others. All that is needed is simple recognition. Everyone should be allowed to do their thing whether it is christmas, kwanza, or whatever. The difference is they should not have to abolish their own culture to avoid hurting other groups feelings. Wehn you played with your barbies on the playground, if another kid didn't like your barbie, that didn't mean you had to throw it away did you? No! the other kid just didn't play with it
by a smart one July 22, 2003
A psychosis based on the false impression that we will be a better nation, company, or organization if we accept outside influence or opinions which are culturally or morally different than our own. Gradually turning our backs on everything that makes us unique as a nation. Turning our backs on everything our forefathers fought and died to obtain, secure, and protect.

The idea that we need to be as poor as all of the other third world countries in order to fit in as a nation.
America really needs to be more culturally diversity. We really need to embrace a little more cannibalism, and definitely a salve labor society like the one they have in China. I hear that there is female genital mutilation in the Middle East. Oh goody... we need some of that here too!
by the remnant July 21, 2019
"I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship. I don't think the network was talking about an old wooden ship, Ron." -Anchorman
by 4t7j4k4 September 6, 2005
1) An old, old wooden ship, used in the Civil War era.

2) Variety, having many different forms of gender or ethnicity.
In addition, a lot of you have probably heard of the affiliates complaining about a lack of diversity on the News team.
by Macier Q. Ross September 14, 2009
It's what's killing American culture and letting Islam be taught as fact in our schools, because it's a recognition of other faiths. It lets people hang up decorations for kwanzaa (which really isn't a "holiday, it's a celebration of african harvest) but won't allow christmas trees or manger scenes shown in public, it's insulting to the immigrants and blacks. It's why santa decorations are also made to be black, despite the fact that St. Nicholas was NOT black, but it's a recognition of diversity, people. It's just as bad as cultural diffusion.
Let's destroy our traditions to appease the minorities, it's morally correct.
by Loki June 11, 2003