Generic slang term for illegal prescription pain killers, (i.e oxycontin, percoset, etc.)
My doctor didn't renew my prescription, so I had to get my dittos from a nurse I know.
by Lamar October 10, 2003
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Ditto-The creater of all things.
ditto is the most powerful being on the planet only compareable to jasons balls. Even the amazing kaids looks at dittos path and falls short to his power.
Wherever a ditto may be found a repetitive techno beat will follow according to the distance of the pink ruler.
The only way to appease the master, is by commiting to joining him in the ditto dance. those who do not, will surely die.
"Omg dude, you should of been here earlier, a ditto came by and crossed path with KAIDS!"


"It was amazing! ditto ate kaids, and almost killed him, luckily though kaids is immortal."
by sfl22 March 09, 2009
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A girl who has been with EVERYONE, in ditto in Pokemon.
Guy 1: Hey bro last night I was with Jean
Guy 2: Wow Jean is a total Ditto
by TheTacoBandit November 05, 2014
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A guy that dresses as a girl to get another guy.
Fuck, all these dittos got me questioning whose a real chick or not.
by Nate da King March 15, 2011
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to mean that a person is slow and does not understand an obvious statement/joke/fact.
N-dawg doesn't even know how to look up words in the dictionary. He is such a ditto.

N-dawg thinks he can whoop me in wrestling...what a ditto.
by N_Bubba January 08, 2011
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