bad marijuana: wild marijuana that grew 'in a ditch by the side of the road'.
Shit, ain't no point in sending Jimmy out to buy us no good weed. He'll just bring hom a $50 bag of ditch weed again, just like last time.
by Anonymous November 8, 2002
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This is a type of marijuana that grows wild, and is usually found in ditches (hence the name) and other thickets. It is very, very bunk and contains little to no thc. Legend has it that every 7 years it draws thc out of the ground. I dont know if this is true or not, but i will look into it.
HaHa, i cant believe that little loser thinks that he'll get high smoking ditch weed.
by we2d December 20, 2005
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shitty weed. Also know as prarie weed. Any weed that does not come from bc.
Ever since I moved to edmonton all I could find was ditch weed.
by Nicholi Kornachefsky December 18, 2005
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A guy who used to skateboard but has reached middle age and now has an unhealthy obsession with PT Cruisers. Typically can find him eating pizza, wearing a track suit with Birkenstocks. Laughs at his own jokes. Repeats himself and often yells unintelligible gibberish.
That Ditch Weed watching BBW porn on his phone has thrown in the hot rag and has given up on life.
by 42069007 May 2, 2017
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