a term of endearment for a dissertation or large essay which you are writing.
Dave: You coming out tonight?
Matt: Nah, I've got to write dissy, she's a real biatch!

"Dissy took so long it made me cry"
by Enigmatt April 23, 2009
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anything you'd fuck but it would be completely wrong
dood guys tim's mom is a total dissy
by JD/Fletch May 26, 2008
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fuck me i was pwnt by that uber leet WCG 2003 winner aka dissy
by foob August 13, 2003
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lives in europe
has a sheep as his boyfriend
by your momma August 13, 2003
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The word a man uses to describe a top worn by a female that exposes a lot of her chest
Man: Hey thats a really nice.. err.. Dissy you've got on!
Woman: Err.. Thanks!!
by Nikki_x September 14, 2006
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When you are coming of as a dick but really being a pussy so basically a coward that is using mean words and jerk(VIBES) as a shield to hide there insecure little self
Nancy was acting like such a dissy at school! I swear i almost punched her.
by Hair tie December 5, 2018
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Definition: An Attention Whore who is on their period, and assume it is okay to joke about sensitive subjects, thus becoming offensive.
You see that bitch over there? She's a Dissy.
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