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A person who leads this kind of life is one who doesn't get out enough, is still pathetically mind-controlled by their parents and is scared shitless of them. Anything fun is presumed to be evil. Common condition in children of very religious families.
Man, what an ass...that kid must be so sheltered
by your momma December 31, 2003

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has a slight case of homosexuallity with cody seal.
Jeremy:Moyers man come outside
Moyers Man: Nah nothing to do
Jeremy: But cody seal is outside.
Moyers man:Be out in a sec
by your momma March 14, 2004

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1. A tooth that emits a putrid smell. Usually caused by food stuck in a decaying cavity.
2. A common excuse to not kiss your partner.
Man, my stink tooth is really acting up today after that barbeque I ate.
by Your Momma January 27, 2005

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a form of the word rape, similar in relation to love and lovingly
I hope your quiz isn't ass-rapingly hard
by Your Momma February 26, 2005

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slang for crusty butthole
I'd like to ram my foot up his crisby hole
by your momma March 29, 2005

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a type of band popular in the 80's, early 90's who's image consisted of long hair.
Guns N Roses is an awesome hair band
by your momma July 12, 2004

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it sucks!
When it comes to that band, its medocker.
by Your momma August 31, 2003

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