A Russian teenager who is known for getting high and for his lanky but wonderful hugs. He has a bony butt according to Firecrotch but this is due to him being as tall as a mountain but as thin as the wind. Valera is keen on nicknames for his friends. i.e.: Grease. Valera has a wife, a whore and a mistress who are clearly all being cheated on , as well as cheating on him. Nevertheless he is madly in love with his Arabian wife.
"I'd love to stay and chat but i've gotta smoke a blunt with Valera"
by -Greaseball December 23, 2009
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1.A strapped up dyke

2. A younger, muscular male with a lesbian hairstyle

3. A man with a strong sexual attraction to women’s feet more than any other physical attribute
4. Individuals who have an affinity to being penetrated with strapped on dildo
5. A man trying to hard to perpetuate an image of having swag or fashion sense
“I might be strapped up I’d like to smell her toes real quick

“Bro you’re on some Valera shit right now , get it together “
by Strapped up little girl December 14, 2018
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Common Russian name, full name is Valeriy, but is used by country side thugs meaning "Guy".
Hey valera, you got a cigarette or not?

Yo valera got a phone i can use?
by pozitiv_tr July 7, 2017
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marie valera: that which is weird/queer
Wow, that's so marie valera, he sucked a horse cock.
by haventsimpedthishardinforever October 19, 2021
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