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The queen of traps. A dude that looks and acts so much like a woman that you couldn't tell him apart from a girl without looking you-know-where.
Dude 1: look at that girl!
Dude 2: no! he's a trap queen!
by Qbou3mT August 13, 2015

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The relation between car size and penis size. The car / penis theorem denotes the relationship between a vehicle owned by a male and the size of his sexual organ. As the size and overall cost of the vehicle increases, the average penis size of that vehicle's owners decreases in a linear fashion.
For example, according to the car / penis theorem, a man who's car is a 1992 Honda Civic (assuming that it isn't riced up) should have a penis size of approximately 7 inches erect. On the other end of the scale, the average male Lamborghini owner has an erect penis length of about 3 inches.
by Qbou3mT March 06, 2015

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To get a 100% discount on an item is to steal it, this giving you 100% off list price. Applies both to physically stealing and to media piracy.
I got the 100% discount on this new phone

I can't afford this game, so I got the 100% discount on it.
by Qbou3mT November 27, 2016

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I don't give two fucks.
idg2f about that shit.
by Qbou3mT August 09, 2015

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An annual contest held in China, where pandas try to moan the loudest.
I was at Pandamoanium 2014. It was amazing!
by Qbou3mT April 13, 2015

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When n00b programmers forget how to make XML comments.

XML comments are used prominently in the C# programming language. They are written like this:


Where inside the brackets is an XML tag.

///The right way to make XML comments.


///This will NOT work. You will get compile errors.
by Qbou3mT March 05, 2015

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Something you should smoke everyday.
Smoke weed everyday!
by Qbou3mT March 05, 2015

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