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1. An Information Technology (IT) term used to identify robust code that has been tested and put into production then subsequently scrapped and rewritten from scratch due to the age of the code or a minor error even though re-factoring or fixing the code would be significantly less complex, time consuming, and costly.

2. To rewrite an entire document that only requires minor edits.

3. To fix something that is not broken
Ryan had to work over the weekend so that he could radke his script for a Monday deliverable to his client.
by annie n mous September 26, 2012
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vrb. To cheat on your fairly attractive girlfriend with a woman significantly older than both of you and that isn't even very pretty.
Dude, my chemistry partner totally pulled a Radke on his girlfriend.
by Marshmellow69 February 23, 2009
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In baseball, when a pitcher gives up one or more home runs in the first inning then pitches 6 or more scoreless (or nearly scoreless) innings. Especially if the first innings run(s) were scored on home runs.

Refers to Minnesota Twins great Brad Radke because this is the way he pitched pretty much always.
I was worried about the Twins after the first inning, but Scott Diamond ended up pulling a Radke.
by bats dingers Bonds July 13, 2013
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The incredibly boring and crazy biology and chemistry teacher at SJHS. Stay away from Radke at all costs, or else he will try to infect you with his nutrition loving babble. Beware of the Radke. However, do not fear, the Radke can be defeated by placing bad-fatty foods near him, destroyed if ingested.
Radke is obsessed, do not get brainwashed.
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