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When a man ejaculates inside his sexual partner's anus, and then sucks out his ejaculate along with any lingering feces. He then proceeds to make out with his partner, passing the semen and feces into aforementioned partner's mouth.
John: "How was your first date with Steve?"
Morgan: "It was totally awesome. We went out for Thai, and then he introduced me to dirt balling. I've never tasted shit before."
by SHREDDYvanhalen July 04, 2011
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The act of sucking poo poo out of another's anus and passing that poo poo back to that person through an open mouth kiss.
Tony and DJ have been dirtballing for what seems like hours.
by Stiltz February 02, 2005
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A variation on snowballing. it is after a woman performs oral sex on her guy... but without swallowing or spitting out the spunk. She then goes to his ass ... or another individuals ass and spits the spunk in their trunk.
when Bridget finished sucking my C**K she took my load and dropped it in my ass that was dirt balling.
by dirt baller September 20, 2006
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