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A swamper, in occupational slang is an assistant who helps with day to day tasks but is not the main operator of the equipment. Usually used in the trucking industry, also used by river guides and by kitchen cooks.
We need to hire a swamper to help on the next trip.
by 2182 May 23, 2010
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tall rubber boots with or without a cold weather lining that are worn in swampy, muddy or wet enviroments.
"I put on my swampers to go help my buddy get his truck out of the mud"
by yooper gal February 22, 2012
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"That girl looks like tank drove over her face."

"Yeah, she's a real swamper."
by Monkey March 09, 2005
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another name for mud tires..typically the brand super swamper
yeah i just got me some 37 inch swampers on er
by josh kosack June 14, 2007
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