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Word made popular by a character on South Park. Mr. Dirp. A bumbling idiotic substitute teacher that randomly hits himself in the head with a hammer, and saying Dirp. Used when someone makes a stupid mistake or makes an ass out of themself
Did you see that guy trip onto that bed of nails, dirp
by Womack March 09, 2005
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DIRP is an acronym that stands for "Direction Indicating Rock Pile." It is a term used mainly by hikers referring to a man-made pile of stones (also known as a cairn) built along a trail to mark the route where it may otherwise be hard to follow. Sometimes it may also indicate a destination or location of interest.
Jack: "I have no idea where the trail goes from here."
Jill: "I see a DIRP; the trail is over there."
by msmnificent July 31, 2011
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To show dismay. Replaces the word shit

Usually the only word in the sentence.

by Matt Decker January 23, 2003
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A word that may be used as a verb, adjective, or noun.

Can be substituted for Expletives such as fuck, shit, dick, ginger, faggot, etc.
1. DIRP! i just stubbed my penis.

2. faggot: Wanna fuck?

guy 1: Go away stupid Dirp.

3. I dirped this girl So hard last night, then Dirped all over her face!
by pat mysac September 26, 2010
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People who think they've invented things that actually predate their own birth.
There was a crazy dirp lady at the local market who thinks she has a patent on the bundt pan as a soapmaking mold.
by stzofphinator August 29, 2010
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