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Adj. Fantastic. Easy (without any difficulty). Good. Named after the pudding filled cake - that is delicious and simple to make (but by no means high class).
Example 1:
Dude1: How was your exam yesterday? Tough?
Dude2: No mang, it was bundt.

Example 2:
Player1: I heard you were out with Sally last night, how'd that go?
Player2: bundt!
Player1: Yeah. You smell like sex.

Example 3:
Guy1: How'd it go with Betty last night? Bundt?
Guy2: No man, I got cockblock-ed by some emo wanker.
by weedy May 20, 2007
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The fleshy area of skin and lipids that hang off the side of your knee when you press your calf and thigh together (i.e. in a sitting/ balled position).
"Oh hey, look at that girl's bundt, it's the size of Mexico!"
by Pastrami Sub July 12, 2009
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1. The area of flesh between the vulva and anus.
2. The female taint.
"Blanche, be a dear and wash your bundt before supper."
by Cara and the Cabana Boy June 08, 2005
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Found on women of a certain size the 'bundt' is the area of stomach that hangs over the groin. Half belly, half cunt.

Takes its name from the cake that the same women are partial to, and may be to blame for the condition.
The council received numerous complaints about the smell from Vanessa Feltz's prize winning bundt.
by Loosing All March 21, 2007
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