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Fucking Illinois Bastard
1. One who drives in the fast lane, and chooses to do the speed limit
2. Someone who cuts through 2 lanes of traffic without signalling to exit Interstate
3. Chooses to vacation in Wisconsin, where there actually are hills, and a good football team
1. Hmmm, people keep passing me, I better put a stop to that and congest this whole damn stretch of pavement
2. My exit is coming up, I had better get over...hmmm, he forgot 4 fingers when he waved at me, oh well...Well I'll be, this wasn't even my exit, dirp
3. Lets head north to Wisconsin, they have hills, and small cities, that are way more laid back than us here in Chicago...I also heard they know how to play football, and make this thing called the playoffs
by Womack March 08, 2005

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Word made popular by a character on South Park. Mr. Dirp. A bumbling idiotic substitute teacher that randomly hits himself in the head with a hammer, and saying Dirp. Used when someone makes a stupid mistake or makes an ass out of themself
Did you see that guy trip onto that bed of nails, dirp
by Womack March 09, 2005

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A White Woman that prefers Black Men over the White
Usually confused and overweight to begin with
Also see: Mudshark
Ya know, if Rosie O'Donnell wasn't a fur trader, she'd definately be a Mud Dobber
by Womack March 14, 2005

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Its douche bag spelled backwards. But its a way to one up someone if you get into a childish 3rd grade style war of words. Often leaving your opponent confused and weary of what lies next for him.
Note: The "e" is silent, so don't pronounce it, or you'll look like the gab choud
Wesley - You are a weiner.
Vladmir - Yeah, well your a Gab Echoud.
Wesley - What did you call me? I'm so confused. I suck at life.
by Womack June 21, 2005

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Someone that is not against the war or its cause, it is someone that is just too scared to fight. See: Pussy Liberal Anti-American Hippie Democrat All Ivy League College Students
Johny: Hey look at that douche bag protesting, he is unthankful to those people in the military who believe in what they do for this country.
Charlie: Is that a swaztika on his arm?
Johny: Probably, this freedom of speech thing is way out of control, lousy democrats
by Womack March 08, 2005

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the hero that had the hockey season put on hiatus
Due to gary bettman's ways of working with greedy union hockey players, who think, like all unions, that they earn more than what their worth. Season over, go back to canada
by Womack March 08, 2005

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